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About Me


*Rhyme & Reason Photography is a lifestyle photography business operating out of Gainesville, FL and traveling worldwide. Check out the portfolio below and inquire for further information.

I’m Lexi. I’m a filmmaker/writer/director and a photographer in all the other moments. I’m married to my best friend (and biz partner), and I have one wild boy here and one who passed away four years ago. I spend my days constituting chips and salsa as a meal, drinking a little too much coffee, and bubbling over at all hours with all my plans and ideas to change the world.

My experiences in life have shaped me entirely, and it’s because of that that I search for heart and soul whenever and wherever I can.

I fell in love with photography for a simple reason: I learned there are fleeting moments in life that you can’t ever get back, and personally, I want them documented with something more than a pixelated iPhone photo.

I want to give that to other people: capturing the little moments, the ones that will quickly come and go, showing them the way their children look at them, the togetherness of them, all the chaos and all the love, because these are the things that deeply matter. And these are the photographs I want you to have.